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Tommy Chanthalangsy

Motivator, Entrepreneur, & All That Good Stuff

Digital Marketer

Enhancing brand awareness within the digital space as well as driving website traffic and acquiring leads/customers.

Forward ThinkER

Preparing to not only avoid setbacks and failures, but to also achieve growth and success through innovation.

Problem Solver

It’s true some people are natural problem solvers, but not everyone can sharpen their problem-solving skills with little effort.
  • Motivator | Entrepreneur 99% 99%
  • Travel Enthusiast | Foodie 78% 78%
  • Amazing Mentor | Do-Gooder 89% 89%
  • Above and Beyond | All The Good Stuff 100% 100%

Say it 10x fast!

First, let’s get the hard stuff out of the way and teach you how to pronounce my last name.


Thirteen letters make four syllables and as long you break it down by syllables, you’ll be a pro in seconds. Luckily, there are no silent letters and syllables greatly help with emphasizing.

Everything sounds the way it should. So, go ahead… my last name in English is phonetically pronounced as…


That wasn’t too hard, right?

“Leveling the playing field, without a doubt, is for everyone. We all know that something makes everything equal and that something is the Internet. I appreciate you, more than you know. And take the honor to make the net available to as many people as possible.”
– Tommy Chanthalangsy
Inspired to see what people do when they have access to technology. People are changing the world through their own passion and beliefs, and technology plays a great role. So I wanted to take part to make sure that technology brings opportunity to everyone.

That is why I created

This site will offer building products, platforms, and, services that can help people and businesses grow. Through, the main goal is to help everyone across the globe hit a bullseye – those who make up the new age today and the self-educating investors who will drive the new age of tomorrow – access the best of training and tools to grow their skills, businesses, and futures.

  • Entrepreneurs can learn how to get their ideas the exposure they need to succeed.
  • Business Owners can build their online presence and find new customers.
  • Stay-At-Home Moms can grow their skills to find new obligations and empower.
  • Corporate can learn how to put the latest technology for immediate lifestyle changes.
  • Retirees can sharpen their current skills and master new ones.

Resources and Preparation for Everyone

Making tools and training easily accessible is just one part of We’re definitely bringing workshops, step-by-step systems, ebooks, and one-on-one coaching to cities and towns across the World.

In hopes of making resources available to everyone, by bringing hands-on training across the country, and we can help all grow their skills, their opportunities, and their lives.
Master Tommy

Master Tommy

CEO, Photographer

Okay, “WELCOME” to my hidden village, virtual home, blog, and all that good stuff.

“Hi Hey Hello” I’m Tommy Chanthalangsy – Ninja on a Mission, Entrepreneur, and Business Owner.

Tommy Dood

Tommy Dood


Born and raised in Sacramento, California and definitely a Gamer Kid at heart, always. The capital city gave me a lot of experiences street wise growing up. I can say that corporate blend for half my life naturally made me who I am today.

And I turned out alright 

Ninja Tommy

Ninja Tommy

Videographer/Editor is an outlet for me to share business, travel, food, and ninja-life skills & tricks.

This platform will inspire massive action, direction, and inspiration for everyone.

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